The hardest part of exercise is routine. How many times have you been motivated to start exercising regularly and after a few weeks you stop. You’re not the only one, it’s a common problem. And whilst it is possible to overcome this hurdle alone, it helps to have support and guidance from a professional. This is where a Personal Trainer comes in. Think of it as an investment in your wellbeing.

Here are 4 reasons why it’s beneficial to have a Personal Trainer:

1) Commitment & Routine
When you sign-up and pay for your sessions with a Personal Trainer, you’ve made a commitment. They will show up with their part of deal: a plan, motivation, and their experience. They expect you to show up and be committed. Ready to make progress. Accountability is key when building a routine, and knowing that you have a plan and a trainer to help you progress, as opposed to going to the gym alone and planning your own sessions. Doesn’t it feel good to know that someone other than yourself is focused on getting your body to the condition it should be in? Of course it does.

2) Training & Nutritional Plan
A Personal Trainer develops a personalised plan for your goals. This takes into consideration your current situation: your eating habits, weak body areas, level of fitness. The focus is on reaching your goals in a healthy way which improves your overall wellbeing. In my approach, I identify what needs to be worked on in our consultation. For example, I look at your range of movement by getting you to do a squat, a lot can be learnt about your body mechanics in this position. I like to introduce small changes to your eating habits at first which don’t shock the body, but instead create a gradual transition towards our goals. A similar approach is taken with exercise, depending on whether you’ve been active or not, the plan is not to shock the body so much that it’s demotivating for the individual and causes potential injury.

3) Knowledge
We live in the information age, and on any subject there is an unimaginable amount of data at our finger tips. This can be exhausting and off putting for the average person to digest just to make sure they’re doing the right exercise or eating the right food. Personal Trainers study this stuff, and it’s their job to stay up to date on all the latest information. When putting together your training and nutritional plan, Personal Trainers use their knowledge and experience to make sure you can reach your goals in a healthy and smart way. I’ve seen many of the hurdles that people face when trying to make a permanent change to their wellbeing and over the years I’ve learnt how to overcome them.

4) Relationship
You and your Personal Trainer build a close relationship. You can speak to them about insecurities you have with your body, this isn’t something we discuss with everyone. The time spent with your trainer is all about you. And that feels good, to know someone is there to help you achieve your goals and push you along the road to better health and fitness. Your trainer becomes a positive source of energy in your life as they are on your side, someone who’ll be honest with you, and positive about your goals even when you may not be.

I hope this gives you a good understanding of the benefits of having a Personal Trainer. Ultimately people care about results, but the journey to getting those results is the most important thing. In my experience this is where I provide value to my clients, in creating a safe, efficient path to success. 

If you have any questions you’d like to ask then feel free to contact me.

Hélder Pina