It's incredible that once we start the journey of getting healthier, it inspires us to push our boundaries. I like to say: “make a permanent change to your wellbeing”. This is what I've been doing for the past 15 years; helping my clients exceed their health and fitness goals. To achieve this my clients have made wellbeing part of their lifestyle and although motivation is good for getting someone through a workout, what works in the long-run is inspiration, good planning, and guidance.

What helps me inspire my clients is that I, at one point, also made a permanent change to my wellbeing. I have always played sports and been in good condition. One day, whilst on holiday in Tenerife, I dropped by Crossfit27 for a workout. I expected to do pretty well as I exercised regularly and my body was lean. Well, I got a big wake up call! As I lay flat on my back feeling completely exhausted and wondering what had just happened, I realised that there was more to just fitness.

I learnt that my body mechanics were not right and I couldn't handle high-intensity training. I knew I had to make changes, and so began my path to becoming a Crossfit Athlete. I adopted Constantly Varied Functional Movement and High Intensity Training into my specialities. As well as becoming a Crossfit Athlete, I also started doing Capoeira, where I utilised my new found love for movement, mobility, power, and speed. I made a permanent change to my wellbeing. 

Having been through this process of change I can relate to my clients and their experiences. My training and nutritional plans are structured so that incremental steps are not huge jumps which can be a shock to the body and the person's lifestyle. I believe in training smart, and getting realistic results which help in the long run for a sustained healthy lifestyle.

Thank you for visiting my new website, it's been an exciting project which I've worked on over the summer and I'm delighted that it's finally live.

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Hélder Pina